I am Elizabeth Barrett, an antiques, furniture, ephemera, bric a brac, wood, metal, ceramics, glass, flowers, rug, fabric enthusiast/obsessive, who spent most of her early life at Harcourt Crescent staying up late into the night, hauling beds, desks and drawers and rearranging walls in order to make spaces more pleasant. I believe that aesthetically pleasing environments ameliorate everything above and beyond the environment itself.

I have spent half my working life in public relations, peddling art to the masses, and have been Head of Communications at some big institutions, including the V&A, ENO and Tate Galleries. I am currently freelancing, consulting and writing, as well as being available to rearrange the interior of anyone who requires it*.

*By that I mean the interior of their home or office, rather than anything sinister and medical.

Contact: elizabethjvbarrett@googlemail.com


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